Would you like to explore a city in an original and fun way?

Take a TREASURE HUNT, add some OUTDOOR ESCAPE ROOM, add a pinch of SELF-GUIDED TOUR, mix everything well and get a FUN CITY TOUR experience!


Our experiences:

– are available in several languages.

– they are suitable for everyone: tourists or locals, families with children or groups of friends.

– they are cheap.

– can be played at any time of the day: 24/7, at Christmas or August the 15th, even when everything around you is closed!

– have a built-in help system that will help you in solving puzzles if you need it.

– they have no time limits: they can be played in competitive mode (to get the best score in the shortest possible time) or in relaxation mode (they can in fact be stopped and restarted as many times as you like, even over several days).

– tell not only the classic tourist information but also anecdotes, mysteries and curiosities that are not found in tourist guides.

What is the game about?

The process is simple:

1) reach the correct place and receive the riddle

2) solve the riddle (with or without hints)

3) receive extra information (legends, curiosities, anecdotes) of the city you are exploring and also directions to reach the place with the next riddle

4) keep doing it, until the experience is complete

How does it work?

Participating is very simple: just choose the city you want to discover, purchase the experience and download the free ClueKeeper application from Google Play or the App Store.

After the purchase you will receive the code that will allow you to start playing immediately or even later at any other time.

You can play alone or in company. There is no maximum number of players but the suggested maximum number per purchased experience is 6 people. For larger groups we suggest purchasing more than one experience. If you want to organize an event for many people, we advise you to contact us for some advice on how to best organize your experience.

The experience can be played on a single device (mobile phone or tablet) or on multiple devices simultaneously. The maximum number of devices that can be connected with a single purchase is 6 and is referred to as a team size.

The devices require an Internet connection. We recommend that you have a charged device battery or have a portable charger (power bank).

The experience can be stopped and restarted as many times as you want, thus allowing you to make as many stops as you like during the game.



The historic center of Alberobello, famous for its characteristic and curious houses called trulli, will be your playground.

You will walk in picturesque narrow streets and reach the main tourist attractions of the city while solving the various puzzles.

Duration: about 120 minutes

Walking distance: about 2,5 km

Available languages: Italian, English, French, German

Tickets: the experience takes place entirely outside and therefore there is no need to pay any entrance ticket to churches or museums.

Price: 24.99 euro

Starting point: Largo Martellotta

Arrival point: Church of Sant’Antonio



email: info@funcitytour.it

tel: +39 329 343 3851